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Generalizations of parabolic bundles related to Higgs bundles

Mundet i Riera, I (Barcelona)
Monday 14 March 2011, 11:30-12:30



The first part of the talk will be devoted to work in progress together with O. Biquard and Ó. García-Prada on a version of parabolic Higgs bundles which correspond to (semistable) G-local systems on a punctured Riemann surface, where G is a real semisimple Lie group. In the second part we will talk about ongoing work with M. Logares on a generalization of parabolic bundles which correspond (via a construction which relates them to conic bundles) to Sp(6,R)-local systems on compact Riemann surfaces. Emphasis will be on the stability conditions; a unifying theme will be the interpretation of the local terms in the formula for the parabolic degree in terms of GIT.

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