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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Symmetry, Bifurcation and Order Parameters

7 - 11 January 2013

Workshop Organiser: David Chillingworth (University of Southampton), Peter Palffy-Muhoray (Kent State University)

in association with the Newton Institute programme
The Mathematics of Liquid Crystals (7 January - 5 July 2013)

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Name Title Poster
MP Allen (University of Warwick) Elastic Constants of Discotic Colloids Poster
DW Allender (Kent State University)  
A Ambrosio
(Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II)
Helical wavefront-sensitive material displacement on the surface of an azopolymer film under optical vortex illumination Poster
M Copic (Univerza v Ljubljani) Soft fluctuation mode in nematic liquid crystal elastomers
OD Lavrentovich (Kent State University)  
DB Liarte (Universidade de São Paulo)  
A Mihai (Universitatea din Bucuresti) Local Symmetry in Complex Contact Geometry Poster
M Pevnyi (Kent State University) Analytic Solutions of the Normal Modes of Transmission in a Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Film
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