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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Monte Carlo Inference for Complex Statistical Models

22 25 April 2014

Organiser: Rong Chen (Rutgers), Dan Crisan (Imperial College London), Arnaud Doucet (Oxford), Simon Godsill (Cambridge), Ajay Jasra (Singapore) and Sumeetpal Singh (Cambridge)

in association with the Newton Institute programme Advanced Monte Carlo Methods for Complex Inference Problems
(22 April - 16 May 2014)

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Azadi, NA
Bardenet, R (University of Oxford) Towards scaling up MCMC: an adaptive subsampling approach Abstract
Chimusa, ER A probabilistic approach for modelling natural selection in pinpointing ancestry along the genome of an individual of mixed ancestry Poster | Abstract
Finke, A (University of Warwick)
Jain, M
Kominiarczuk, JK
Makowiec, D Temporal changes in cardiovascular regulation during the head-up tilt test by fluctuations of heart period intervals and systolic blood pressure Poster | Abstract
Pollock, M (University of Warwick) Exact Simulation in a Nutshell Poster | Abstract
Wejer, D
Ryan, C Bayesian Model Selection for the Latent Position Cluster Model for Social Networks Abstract
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