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Current and Future Seminars

24 July 2003 M Goldstein (U Toronto) Schrodinger cocycles: Introduction, Lyapunov exponents, integrated density of states, large deviations estimates
29 July 2003 A Shnirelman (U Hull) Scaling invariance and inverse cascade in 2D ideal fluid
31 July 2003 M Feigenbaum (Rockefeller) Pattern selection and distant boundary data
5 August 2003 Gordon Slade (U British Columbia) Random subgroups of finite graphs
7 August 2003 D Dolgopyat (U Maryland) Limit shape theorem for stochastic flows
12 August 2003 Michael Prähofer (TU Müchen) One-dimensional KPZ growth and random matrices
14 August 2003 Nick Makarov (CALTECH) Some thoughts on the Schramm-Loewner evolution (SLE)
14 August 2003 Stanislav Molchanov (North Carolina) Non-stationary Andersen Parabolic Model
26 August 2003 K Burdzy (Seattle) Couplings and Reflecting Brownian Motions
26 August 2003 R Fernandez (Rouen) Birth-and-Death Processes in Random Environment
27 August 2003 B Duplantier (Saclay) Distribution of potential near a random conformally invariant curve
28 August 2003 B Toth (TU Budapest) Hydrodynamic limits for systems with two conservation laws
28 August 2003 F Camia (EURANDOM) Continuum Nonsimple Loops and 2D Critical Percolation
9 September 2003 P Bleher (Indiana - Purdue University) Double scaling limits in random matrix models
11 September 2003 R Kotecky (Karlovy University) Droplet condensation/evaporation in a critical regime
23 September 2003 H Spohn (TU Munchen) 1D growth processes and the 3D Ising model at low temperaturese
25 September 2003 F Goetze (University of Bielefeld) Asymptotic approximations for spectral distributions
30 September 2003 R Minlos (Moscow) Spectral properties of the "birth-death" model
2 October 2003 E Bolthausen (Zurich) On a non-hierarchical version of the generalized random energy model
7 October 2003 D Ioffe (Technion) Stability of interfaces and stochastic dynamics in the regime of partial wetting
9 October 2003 N Tsilevich (Steklov Institute of Mathematics, St Petersburg) Poisson--Gauss correspondence and orthogonal decompositions
14 October 2003 S Zuyev (Strathclyde University) Variational Analysis for functionals of measures and Poisson random fields
16 October 2003 A Veretennikov (Leeds) On ergodic measures for McKean-Vlasov equations
21 October 2003 J van den Berg (CWI, Amsterdam) Forest fires and self-organised criticality
23 October 2003 S Shlosman (Lumini) Poisson hypothesis for large information networks
30 October 2003 M Zahradnik (Karlovy) Contour methods and Cluster expansion of Kac Ising models
30 October 2003 C Maes (Leuven) Some remarks on quantum entropies etc.
4 November 2003 T Funaki (Tokyo) Zero temperature limit for interacting Brownian particles
6 November 2003 A Vershik (St Petersburg) Random matrices and random metric spaces
11 November 2003 J Yukich(Lehigh) Random interfaces in ballistic deposition
13 November 2003 S Foss (Heriot-Watt University) Renovation and limit theorems for a class of stochastic ordered graphs
13 November 2003 A Erschler (Lille) Poisson boundary and entropy for random walks on groups
18 November 2003 G Molchan (Moscow) Unilateral small deviations for some selfsimilar Gaussian processes
20 November 2003 L Bogachev (University of Leeds) Limit laws for sums of random exponentials
25 November 2003 M Penrose (University of Bath) Random Sequential Deposition onto Graphs
27 November 2003 E Pechersky (Moscow) Uniqueness criterion for Gibbs fields with non-compact spin-space
2 December 2003 G Grimmett (Cambridge) Positive/negative correlation and random-cluster
2 December 2003 A Veretennikov (Leeds) Large deviations and mixing for stochastic differential equations and their approximation schemes
4 December 2003 O Hryniv (Cambridge) Critical prewetting: some rigorous resluts
15 December 2003 R Friedrich (IHES) Analytic geometric aspects of SLE
17 December 2003 R Bauer (Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ) Generalized chordal Loewner equation

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