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Dynamics of inertial particles in fully developed turbulence

Pinton, JF (ENS-Lyon)
Thursday 02 October 2008, 14:30-15:00

Seminar Room 1, Newton Institute


We focus on acceleration of inertial particles, using experimatal measurements and numerical studies. In the experiment, particles are optically tracked in a turbulent flow of water using an Extended Laser Doppler Velocimetry technique. The probability density functions (PDF) of particle accelerations and their auto-correlation in time are computed. Numerical results are obtained from a direct numerical simulation in which a suspension of passive pointwise particles is tracked, with the same finite density and the same response time as in the experiment. We observe that many effects cannot be accounted for by point-particle models. We show that a much better description is achieved when one includes Faxen corrections in the particle's equation of evolution.


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