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Large scale features in turbulent pipe and channel flows

Monty, J (New Mexico State)
Thursday 11 September 2008, 14:40-15:00

Seminar Room 1, Newton Institute


In recent years there has been significant progress made towards understanding t he large-scale structure of wall-bounded shear flows. Most of this work has been conducted with turbulent boundary layers leaving scope for further work in pipe s and channels. Here, the structure of fully-developed turbulent pipe and channel flow has been studied using custom-made arrays of hot-wire probes. R esults reveal long, meandering structures of length up to 25 pipe radii or chann el half-heights. These appear to be qualitatively similar to those reported in t he log region of a turbulent boundary layer. However, for the channel case, larg e-scale coherence persists further from the wall than in boundary layers. Further comparison of the three turbulent flows sh ows that the characteristic structure width in the logarithmic region of a bound ary layer is at least 1.6 times smaller than that in a pipe or channel.


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