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Rotating Stratified Turbulence and Turbulence in the Atmosphere and Oceans

8 December to 12 December 2008

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, UK

Organisers: Peter Bartello (McGill), Peter Davidson (Cambridge), David Dritschel (St Andrews), Ross Griffiths (Canberra), Keith Moffatt (Cambridge), Joel Sommeria (Grenoble), Kraig Winters (San Diego), Shigeo Yoden (Kyoto).

in association with the Newton Institute programme The Nature of High Reynolds Number Turbulence (26 August to 19 December 2008)

Co-Sponsored by IUTAM

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Accepted Posters:

Name Title Abstract Poster
Aiki, H Energetics of the global ocean: the role of layer thickness form drag Abstract Poster
Brethouwer,G Investigation of fluid particle dispersion in stratified flows Abstract
Cullen, M Progress in rigorous analysis of equations describing rotating straified flows Abstract Poster
Eyink, GL to be advised
Farge, M The role of coherent vortices in sheared and rotating turbulence studied by DNS and CVS filtering Abstract
Garcia-Villalba, M Direct numerical simulations and linear analysis of stably-stratified turbulent channel flow from zero to very strong stratification Abstract
Grisouard, N Generation of internal solitary waves at an oceanic thermocline by the internal tide Abstract Poster
Hayashi, Y-Y Resolution dependence of dust mass flux simulated by Mars circulation model Abstract Poster
Iwayama, T Transition of the decay exponent of enstrophy in two-dimensional turbulence Abstract
Kerr, RM Structure functions in the tropical boundary layer: here scaling might not be due to cascades Abstract
Kitamura, Y An intercomparison and self-consistency verification of subgrid scale parameterization schemes in large-eddy simulation Abstract
Moisy, F Energy transfers in decaying and forced rotating turbulence Abstract Poster
Mouhali, W Occurence of a cyclonic vortices regime before breakdown to turbulence in a precessing cylinder Abstract
Nagata, M Experimental study on circular Couette flow with density staratification Abstract
Nakamura, N A potential vorticity staircase with semipermeable barriers Abstract
Richards, K The formation and impact of small vertical scale structures in the stratified equatorial ocean Abstract Poster
Vallgren, A High-resolution simulations of two-dimensional turbulence Abstract Poster
Watanabe, T Mixed velocity-scaler statistics in passive scalar turbulence with a uniform mean gradient Abstract
Wirth, A Mean circulation and structures of tilted ocean deep convection Abstract Poster
Yamamoto, H Axisymmetric steady solutions in an idealized model of atmospheric general circulations: Hadley circulation and super-rotation Abstract

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