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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Effective Computational Methods for Highly Oscillatory Problems: The Interplay between Mathematical Theory and Applications

2 July to 6 July 2007

Organisers: Professor Tom Hou (Caltech), Professor Arieh Iserles (Cambridge, Chair), Professor Ben Leimkuhler (Edinburgh) and Professor Christian Lubich (Tübingen)

in association with the Newton Institute programme entitled
Highly Oscillatory Problems: Computation, Theory and Application

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Accepted Posters:

Name Title Abstract Poster
Barrera, NP Physicochemical properties of interacting transduction pathways Abstract
Khanamiryan, M Numerical solutions to highly oscillatory systems of ODEs Abstract
Kurkcu, H An efficient algorithm for the numerical solution of high-frequency problems of electromagnetic and acoustic scattering by infinite periodic rough surfaces in two dimensions Abstract
Ratnanather, JT A numerical method for solving the EPDiff equation of computational anatomy Abstract
Ratnanather, JT Analysis of hippocampal shape change over time in a study of Alzheimer's disease based on momenta of the EPDiff equation of computational anatomy Abstract
Schmelzer, T Taming a hydra of singularities Abstract
Sharp, R Systematic reinitialization for heterogeneous multiscale methods Abstract
Zernov, V Diffraction coefficients of a semi-infinite planar crack embedded in a transversely isotropic half-space Abstract