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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

The Future of Computational Acoustics

22 February to 23 February 2007

Organisers: Professor Keith Attenborough (Hull) and Professor Simon Chandler-Wilde (Reading)

Supported by the EPSRC Noise Futures Network

in association with the Newton Institute programme entitled
Highly Oscillatory Problems: Computation, Theory and Application


Workshop Theme

This two-day workshop will consider the current state-of-the-art and likely future trends in computer simulation and prediction of the acoustic environment, with an emphasis on the modelling of outdoor soundscapes. The workshop will comprise around 10 invited contributions from the UK and overseas and a discussion session in which we map out the requirements for future simulation methods and promising new computational technologies, and sketch out likely routes ahead and important open problems.

The meeting will be of interest to users and prospective users of computational acoustics methods, in particular in the context of modelling the outdoor acoustic environment. It will also be of interest to those developing new computational methods or with an interest in how the capability of computational acoustics is likely to develop in the next ten years.

The meeting will be hosted by Arup at their Carlow House Office, in central London. The meeting will start at 11a.m. on Thursday 22nd February and finish at approximately 3.15p.m. on the 23rd February. Here is a link to the Programme.

Presentations on the web

Invited speakers will include:

Dick Botteldooren (Ghent University)
Bjorn Engquist (University of Texas at Austin)
Ivan Graham (University of Bath)
Ralf Hiptmair (ETH, Zurich)
Jian Kang (University of Sheffield)
Yiu Lam (University of Salford)
Chris Linton (Loughborough University)
Peter Monk (University of Delaware)
Roger Waxler (University of Mississipi)

The closing date for the receipt of applications has now passed