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An Isaac Newton Institute Workshop

The Theory of Highly Oscillatory Problems

Exponential Estimates in Averaging and Homogenisation

Author: Karsten Matthies (University of Bath)


Many partial differential equations with rapid spatial or temporal scales have effective descriptions which can be derived by homogenisation or averaging. In this talk we deal with examples, where quantitative estimates of the error is possible for higher order homogenisation and averaging.

In particular, we provide theorems, which allow homogenisation and averaging beyond all orders by giving exponential estimates of appropriately averaged and homogenised descriptions. Methods include iterated averaging transformations, optimal truncation of asymptotic expansions and highly regular solutions (Gevrey regularity). Prototypical examples are reaction-diffusion equations with heterogeneous reaction terms or rapid external forcing, nonlinear Schr\"odinger equations describing dispersion management, and second-order linear elliptic equations.

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