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A Top-Down Model for Lifshitz Holography

Hartong, J (University of Copenhagen)
Thursday 19 September 2013, 15:45-16:15

Seminar Room 1, Newton Institute


In this talk I will discuss Lifshitz holography for a specific model admitting 4D z=2 Lifshitz space-times that can be uplifted to 5D asymptotically AdS space-times. The model forms a well-behaved low energy limit of type IIB string theory. I will show that the boundary geometry of asymptotically locally Lifshitz space-times is described by Newton-Cartan geometry with in general nonzero torsion. To properly account for all the sources and local symmetries it is very useful to use a Vielbein formalism. Further all deformations of asymptotically locally Lifshitz space-times allowed by the equations of motion are discussed. I will use this to compute the Lifshitz boundary stress energy tensor and derive its Ward identities. I will also show that the 4D Fefferman-Graham expansion has 6+6+1 free functions where 6 are sources and 6 are vevs and where there is one additional free function that does not talk to any of the sources and vevs.


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