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Accepted Posters

Name Title Abstract Session No
Ivana Agnolin Two-dimensional deformations of aggregates of disks Abstract 2
CP Arun Unsteady non-newtonian flows through collapsible tubes with special reference to the large intestine Abstract 2
Raymond Bergmann Impact dynamics: Void collapse and jet formation binary systems Abstract 1
Nasreen Burtally Waves and oscillations on vertically-vibrated separated binary systems Abstract 1
Xinjun Cui Rapid granular free-surface flow past a cylindrical obstacle Abstract 2
Meenakshi Dutt Numerical experiments on packings of spherical particles Abstract 1
Mark Gilbertson Segregation in fluidised currents of particles Abstract 1
Sean Hutton Studies of the effects of inter-particle forces on the properties of granular matter Abstract 2
Jose Luis Iguain Hydrodynamic interactions and particle separation Abstract 2
Martin Kern Practical application of granular mechanics in avalanche research Abstract 2
Rob Milburn Numerical simulations of liquid-immersed vibrated granular beds Abstract 1
Namiko Mitarai Stiffiness dependence of granular flow under gravity Abstract 1
Hiizu Nakanishi Energy Decay Rate in Free Cooling Process of Inelastic Hard Sphere System Abstract 2
Michael Naylor The air-driven brazil nut effect Abstract 1
Diego Sanchez Separation and stripe formation in fluid-driven granular mixtures Abstract 2
Duncan Sanders The Effects of Interstitial Fluid Friction on Thermalised Elastic Particles Abstract 2
Robin Simons Simulations of 3D sand ripples using a contiuum approach Abstract 1
Andrew Smith Waves and oscillations on vertically-vibrated separated binary systems Abstract 1

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