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Renaud Delannay

Segregation in 2D inclined chute flows.

Abstract: We present an experimental study of 2D dense inclined chute flows consisting of both monodisperse and bidisperse disks. We have analyzed the trajectories of the particles within the flow in a steady regime. (i) In monodisperse flows, particles are arranged in layers that are in motion relative to one another, they can be transfered from one layer to one another. This transfer can be interpreted as a transverse motion of diffusive nature with a diffusion coefficient linearly increasing with the layer height. (ii) In polydisperse flows consisting of a few percentage of small disks among large ones, the small particles have a net downward motion on which a fluctuating behavior is superimposed. At short time, the small particle motion can be described as a biased brownian motion, it is not the case at longer time.