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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, UK

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(27 - 31 OCTOBER 2003)

"@-Bristol", Harbourside, Bristol, UK

a Satellite Meeting to the Isaac Newton Institute programme entitled Granular and Particle-Laden Flow (1 September to 19 December 2003)

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Christophe Ancey (Cemagref) The rheophysical approach in the study of natural gravity-driven flows Abstract
Jim Best (Leeds) The fluid and sediment dynamics of sand dunes under unidirectional water flows: insights from laboratory and field experiments Abstract
Michael Branney (Leicester) Sedimentary record of changes between granular fluid-based and fully dilute pyroclastic density currents Abstract
Richard Brown (Naples) Bypassing and diachronous deposition from density currents: evidence from a giant regressive bedform in the Poris ignimbrite, Tenerife Abstract
Marcus Bursik (SUNY) Effects of erosion on propagation of granular flows Abstract
Eliza Calder (Milton Keynes) Mobility of Pyroclastic flows and surges at the Soufriere Hills Volcano, Montserrat Abstract
Charles Campbell (USC) Elastic granular flows Abstract
Nian-Sheng Cheng (Nanyang) Bedload transport in laminar flows Abstract
Xinjun Cui (Manchester) Rapid granular free-surface flow past a cylindrical obstacle
Simon Dadson (Cambridge) Structural stability of gravel beds Abstract
Sebastien Dartevelle (Michigan) Multiphase modeling of geophysical granular gravity currents with a comprehensive granular kinetic-collisional and plastic rheological model. Pyroclastic flow dynamic and depositional processes Abstract
Fabio De Blasio (Oslo) Role of water in the mobility of sub aqueous debris flows Abstract
Roger Denlinger (Vancouver) The role of internal stresses in the flow of granular avalanches Abstract
Delphine Doppler (Laboratoire FAST) Vortex ripples on a tilting granular bed in a 2D experiment Abstract
Tim Druitt (Pascal & CNRS) Pyroclastic flows as shearing fluidized systems Abstract
Margarita Eglit (Moscow) Mathematical models of snow avalanches Abstract
Anders Elverhoi (Oslo) Experimental studies of subaqueous debris flow particle tracking and measurements of porefluid presure and total stress Abstract
Dmitry Garagash (Clarkson) Stability of undrained quasi-static deformation of saturated granular materials Abstract
Peter Gauer (Oslo) Possible mechanisms of snow entrainment in avalanches Abstract
Kristin Martha Hakonardottir (Bristol) The interaction of snow avalanches with dams: An experimental study Abstract
Rebecca Hoyle (Surrey) A continuum model for aeolian sand ripples Abstract
Herbert Huppert (Cambridge) Axisymmetric granular collapses Abstract
Dieter Issler (NaDesCoR) Experiments on Snow Avalanches and Their Implications for ModellingAbstract
Michele Larcher (Trento) Rheological stratification of high concentration liquid granular flows Abstract
Wen Long (Delaware) Discussion on two-phase boundary layer sediment transport model Abstract
Gert Lube (GEOMAR, Kiel) scaling behaviour of granular flows Abstract
Doug Masson (Southampton) Large debris avalanches on volcanic island flanks - what can the deposits tell us about emplacement processes Abstract
David McClung (British Columbia) The slab avalanche as a self-organized critical phenomenon Abstract
Jim McElwaine (Cambridge) The interaction granular avalanches and the ambient fluid
Julia Morgan (Rice) Particle dynamics simulations of gravitational volcanic deformation Abstract
Kouichi Nishimura (Nagaoka) Snow in motion - snow avalanche and blowing snowAbstract
Jeremy Phillips (Bristol) Enhanced mobility of granular mixtures of fine anc coarse particles Abstract
Kevin Pickering (UCL) Role of mass transport complexes (MTCs) in evolution and growth patterns of confined basin-floor submarine fans (seismosequences), mid eocene, south Spanish Pyrenees Abstract
Bruce Pitman (Buffalo) Extending models of granular avalanche flows
SP Pudasaini (Darmstadt), SS Hsiau and K Hutter Free-surface motion of avalanches over natural terrains and PIV-measurements for flows down curved chutesAbstract
Jean Rajchenbach (Jussieu) Nucleation and growth of dry grain avalanchesAbstract
Keld Romer Rasmussen (Aarhus) Partioning of shear stress in the saltation layerAbstract
James Rice (Harvard) Heating, weakening and melting of wet fault gouge during earthquake slip Abstract
Olivier Roche (Clermont) Experiments on granular flows generated from instantaneous release of initially gas-fluidised material Abstract
Mark Schmeeckle (Arizona) Synchronous high-speed measurement of near-bed turbulent flow and particle entrainment from a granular bed Abstract
Ishan Sharma (Cornell) Dynamics of granular asteroids Abstract
Stephen Sparks (Bristol) Concentrated particulate flows in geological systems Abstract
Peter Talling (Bristol) Flow transformation between turbidity current and submarine debris flow constrained by correlating individual beds over 120 x 60 km of outcrop. Miocene Marnoso Arenacea Formation. Northern Italy Abstract
Peter Thomas (Warwick) Granular Ripples Under Rotating Flow Abstract
Anthony Thornton (Manchester) A simple model for particle size segregation in granular avalanches
James Vallance (Vancouver) Field and experimental constraints on modeling geophysical granular flows, with examples from volcanic debris flows and pyroclastic flows Abstract


Onno Bokhove (Twente) Slow elastic wall fluid interactions Abstract Poster Session 2
Sovan Lal Das (Cornell) Collisional flows in a vertical chute Abstract Poster Session 2
Daniel Feltham (UCL) Granular flow in the Marginal ice zone of sea Abstract Poster Session 1
Mark Gilbertson & D H Peregrine (Bristol) Sloshing of fluidised beds Abstract Poster Session 1
Peter Kokelaar (Liverpool) Changes between fully dilute and granular-fluid based particulate density currents: evidence from ignimbrites and turbiditesAbstract Poster Session 2
Vincent Langlois (Rennes) Instability of a granular bed sheared by a laminar water flowAbstract Poster Session 1
Heidy Mader (Bristol) The lattice-boltzmann method: a powerful new tool for modelling geophysical flows Poster Session 2
Akiko Ugawa (Tokyo) Bending and buckling of a granular layer due to vertical vibration Abstract Poster Session 1
Kook-Young David Yoon (Cornell) Granular flows down an incline; boundary condiations Abstract Poster Session 2