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On stability of higher dimensional static black holes

Ishibashi, A (Chicago)
Monday 05 September 2005, 15:30-16:30

Seminar Room 1, Newton Institute


I discuss the stability of black holes in static, electro-vacuum spacetimes of higher-dimension. I first provide a master equation for gravitational perturbations of black holes in higher dimensional static spacetimes, which corresponds to Regge-Wheeler-Zerilli equation in 4-dimensional case. Then i study the stability against linear gravitational perturbations by examining whether the spatial derivative part of the master equation has a positive self-adjoint extension. In this method, for example, higher-dimensional version of Schwarzschild black holes are shown to be stable. Using similar method, I also discuss some other static solutions e.g., generalised black holes, negative mass naked singularities, and the issue of possible boundary conditions at infinities or singularities.


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