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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

List of invited participants

for the workshop Global Problems in Mathematical Relativity II

NameInstitutionvisit datesConf
Anderson, MT Stony Brook9 Oct - 21 OctY
Andersson, L A.E.I.9 Oct - 20 OctY
Beig, R University of Vienna8 Oct - 15 OctY
Bieri, L ETH Zentrum HG16 Oct - 20 OctY
Bizon, P Jagellonian University12 Oct - 21 OctY
Choquet-Bruhat, Y Universite Paris VI8 Oct - 21 OctY
Chrusciel, PT Université de Tours8 Oct - 21 OctY
Corvino, J Lafayette College8 Oct - 14 OctY
Dafermos, M University of Cambridge9 Oct - 20 OctY
Dain, SA Max-Planck-Institut fuer Gravitationsphysik10 Oct - 20 OctY
Delay, E Université de Tours15 Oct - 20 OctY
Dunajski, M University of Cambridge9 Oct - 20 OctY
Fewster, CJ University of York8 Oct - 20 OctY
Friedrich, H MPI, Golm8 Oct - 21 OctY
Galloway, GJ University of Miami15 Oct - 21 OctY
Gundlach, C University of Southampton14 Oct - 21 OctY
Heinzle, J M MPI, Golm12 Oct - 20 OctY
Isenberg, J University of Oregon8 Oct - 20 OctY
Klainerman, S Princeton University11 Oct - 15 OctY
Lindblad, H University of California, San Diego8 Oct - 14 OctY
MacCallum, MAH University of London8 Oct - 20 OctY
Pollack, D University of Washington8 Oct - 21 OctY
Ringstroem, H KTH9 Oct - 20 OctY
Rodnianski, I Princeton University9 Oct - 20 OctY
Schmidt, B MPI Golm8 Oct - 21 OctY
Tod, P University of Oxford9 Oct - 20 OctY
Valiente Kroon, JAV University of London9 Oct - 16 OctY
Vickers, JA University of Southampton11 Oct - 13 OctY
Williams, CWW University of Washington16 Oct - 22 OctY
Winstanley, E University of Sheffield8 Oct - 20 OctY

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