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Plenary Lecture 9: Curvature flow on graphs for large data classification

Bertozzi, AL (University of California, Los Angeles)
Thursday 26 June 2014, 13:30-14:15

Seminar Room 1, Newton Institute


In the continuum, close connections exist between mean curvature ow, the Allen-Cahn (AC) partial di erential equation, and the Merriman-Bence-Osher (MBO) threshold dynamics scheme. Graph analogues of these processes have recently seen a rise in popularity as relaxations of NP-complete combinatorial problems, which demands deeper theoretical underpinnings of the graph processes. We discuss several applications including supervised and unsupervised machine learning and community detection in social networks. We discuss connections to spectral graph theory and fast algorithms and some recent results for curvature flow on graphs and open problems.


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