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A nonstandard PDE system of viscous Cahn-Hilliard type related to a model for phase segregation.

Colli, P (UniversitÓ degli Studi di Pavia)
Wednesday 02 April 2014, 14:00-15:00

Seminar Room 2, Newton Institute Gatehouse


The talk deals with a diffusion model of phase-field type, leading to a parabolic system of two partial differential equations, interpreted as balances of microforces and microenergy, for two unknowns: the problem's order parameter and the chemical potential; each equation includes a viscosity term; Neumann homogeneous boundary conditions and initial conditions complement the field equations. The analysis of this system has been made the subject of a joint research program with G. Gilardi, P. Podio-Guidugli and J. Sprekels. The related model aims at describing two-species phase segregation on an atomic lattice under the presence of diffusion: the initial and boundary value problem will be considered and the existence-uniqueness of a global-in-time solution will be discussed along with other related results.


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