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Geometric approaches to water waves and free surface flows - 1

Varvaruca, E (University of Reading)
Tuesday 07 January 2014, 13:30-14:30

Seminar Room 1, Newton Institute


These lectures aim to present a new geometric approach to the asymptotic behaviour near singularities in some classical free-boundary problems in fluid dynamics. We start by introducing the problems and providing an outline of the methods that have been used to prove existence of solutions. We then present a modern proof, using monotonicity formulas and frequency formulas, of the famous Stokes conjecture from 1880, which asserts that at any stagnation point on the free surface of a two-dimensional steady irrotational gravity water wave, the wave profile necessarily has lateral tangents enclosing a symmetric angle of 120 degrees. (This result was first proved in the 1980s under restrictive assumptions and by somewhat ad-hoc methods.) We then explain how the methods extend to the case of two-dimensional steady gravity water waves with vorticity. Finally, we show how the same methods can be adapted to describe the asymptotic behaviour near singularities in the problem of steady three-dimensional axisymmetric free surface flows with gravity.


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