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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Finite to Infinite Dimensional Dynamical Systems

1 July - 31 December 1995

Organisers: P Constantin (Chicago), JD Gibbon (Imperial College, London), JK Hale (Georgia Tech), C Sparrow (Cambridge). ASI Organiser: P Glendinning (Cambridge)


The following longer-term visitors are expected to participate in the programme for all or part of the periods indicated (most workshop, ASI and conference participants are not listed).

* = ASI lecturer ? = to be confirmed

Afraimovitch V17 Jul-18 Aug
Baesens C15 Aug-17 Dec
Ball J*27 Aug-31 Aug
Bates P20 Aug-17 Dec
Broomhead D22 Jul-6 Aug
and24 Aug-15 Sep
Bunimovich L*15 Aug-15 Sep
Carr J* 21 Aug-1 Sep
Chillingworth D3 Sep-16 Sep
and22 Oct-3 Nov
Collet P*20 Aug-21 Oct
Constantin P*20 Aug-17 Nov
Coullet P*22 Aug - 15 Sep
Cvitanovich P*15 Aug-30 Aug
Doering C13 Aug-15 Dec
Elgin J20 Aug-15 Sep
and1 Nov-30 Nov
Elliott C4 Sep-15 Sep
Feireisl E15 Aug-30 Sep
and30 Oct-10 Nov
Fife P 3 Jul-15 Dec
Fusco G 20 Aug-30 Oct
Gibbon J6 Jul-17 Dec
Glendinning P*6 Jul-17 Dec
Hale J* 6 Jul-30 Nov
Holm D 20 Aug-20 Sep
Holmes P*20 Aug-9 Sep
Kerr RM 26 Aug-22 Sep
Krasny R27 Aug-2 Sep
L'vov V 26 Sep-25 Oct
Mackay R15 Aug-15 Dec
Majda A 30 Oct-4 Nov
McGlade J6 Jul-15 Sep
Moore DR2 Oct-15 Dec
Mullin T1 Sep-15 Sep
Newell A22 Oct-28 Oct
Nishiura Y13 Nov-8 Dec
Ohkitani K6 Jul-7 Aug
and28 Aug-2 Sep
Polacik P1 Aug-10 Oct
Pomeau Y3 Sep-15 Sep
Procaccia I*21 Aug-1 Sep
and26 Sep-25 Oct
Rand DA*6 Jul-15 Dec
Raugel G15 Sep-15 Oct
Sharkovsky A1 Aug-30 Sep
Sparrow C6 Jul-17 Dec
Spiegel E15 Sep-15 Dec
Stark J 6 Jul-20 Sep
Takei Y 9 Oct-3 Nov
Titi ES 19 Aug-15 Dec
Weinan E21 Aug-30 Aug
Yingfei Yi6 Jul-17 Dec
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