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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Finite to Infinite Dimensional Dynamical Systems

1 July - 31 December 1995

Organisers: P Constantin (Chicago), JD Gibbon (Imperial College, London), JK Hale (Georgia Tech), C Sparrow (Cambridge). ASI Organiser: P Glendinning (Cambridge)

PDEs and Low-order Models

6 -- 8 December 1995

Information and Call for Registration


This small workshop will take place as part of the Newton Institute programme, `From Finite to Infinite Dimensional Dynamical Systems'. The general aim of this programme is to bring together researchers with an analytic training (in partial differential equations, for example) and those with a more topological approach in an attempt to understand `large' systems.

Workshop 6 -- 8 December Programme

The main emphasis will be on new insights into the finite dimensional behaviour of physical systems governed by nonlinear PDEs (in two or three space dimensions) that are revealed by studying the bifurcation structure of low-order models.

Topics are expected to include:

Workshop Organisers: M.R.E.Proctor, A.Rucklidge, N.O.Weiss (Cambridge)

Revised programme

Wednesday 6th December

Thursday 7th December

Friday 8th December


Prof. J. Brindley (Leeds), Prof. F. Busse (Bayreuth), Dr. S.M. Cox (Nottingham), Prof. A. Craik (St Andrews), Dr S.P. Decent (Birmingham), Prof. P. Drazin (Bristol), Dr. J. Elezgaray (Bordeaux), Dr. R.B. Hoyle (Cambridge), Prof. D.W. Hughes (Leeds), Dr. K.A. Julien (Boulder), Prof. E. Knobloch (Berkeley) Prof. J. Kurths (Potsdam), Dr. M. Lucke (Saarlandes), Dr. B. Malomed (Tel Aviv), Prof. P. Manneville (Palaiseau), Dr. J. Massaguer (Barcelona), Dr. P.C. Matthews (Nottingham), Dr. I. Mercader (Barcelona), Dr. P. Metzner (Lausanne), Dr. I. Moroz (Oxford), Dr. M. Net (Barcelona), Dr. A. Pumir (Nice), Dr. N. Seehafer (Potsdam), Dr. A. Skeldon (London), Dr. G. Sarson (Exeter), Dr. S.M. Tobias (Cambridge)

Workshop location, costs, registration:

The workshop will take place in the Newton Institute's purpose-designed building, in a pleasant area in the west of Cambridge, about one mile from the centre of the City. The Newton Institute can provide assistance with finding local accommodation - the cost of which is likely to be 25 - 40 pounds per day including breakfast. There will be a 20 pounds registration fee that will include the cost of lunch. There may be some financial help available to support UK participants.

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