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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Finite to Infinite Dimensional Dynamical Systems

1 July - 31 December 1995

Organisers: P Constantin (Chicago), JD Gibbon (Imperial College, London), JK Hale (Georgia Tech), C Sparrow (Cambridge). ASI Organiser: P Glendinning (Cambridge)

Workshop on Inertial Manifolds (IM), Approximate Inertial Manifolds (AIMs) and Nonlinear Galerkin Methods

9-13 October 1995

Draft schedule

Organiser: E.S.Titi

To register for the workshop please contact m.sekulla There will be a reg. fee of 20 pounds to cover the cost of lunch etc.

Monday 9 October

Tuesday 10 October

Wednesday 11 October

Thursday 12 October

Friday 13 October

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