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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Finite to Infinite Dimensional Dynamical Systems

1 July - 31 December 1995

Organisers: P Constantin (Chicago), JD Gibbon (Imperial College, London), JK Hale (Georgia Tech), C Sparrow (Cambridge). ASI Organiser: P Glendinning (Cambridge)

Finite Dimensional Dynamics

24-28 July 1995

Call for Registration


This small workshop will take place as part of the Newton Institute programme, `From Finite to Infinite Dimensional Dynamical Systems'.

Workshop 24-28 July Programme

This workshop focusses on recent developments in finite dimensional systems. In particular, we hope to concentrate on the existence and properties of invariant measuresa and wild attractors in unimodal maps, and on the dynamics of maps on surfaces. There will also be scope for more general discussions of bifurcations in low dimensional systems. Apart from the invited speakers there will be some time for contributed papers, and we will also keep time free for more informal discussion and collaboration.

Invited Speakers will include:

Bruin H (Delft), Gambaudo JM (Nice), Hall T (Barcelona), Keane M (Amsterdam), Levermore D (Arizona), Los J (Nice), Nowicki (Warsaw), Pesin Y (Pennsylvania), Sands D (Orsay), van Strien S (Amsterdam).

in addition to longer-term participants in the Newton Institute programme present during the period of the workshop, who include:

Afraimovich (Georgia), Baesens (Dijon), Broomhead (RSRE), Fife (Utah), Gibbon (Imperial), Glendinning (Cambridge), Hale (Georgia Tech), McGlade (Warwick), Ohkitani (Hiroshima), Rand (Warwick), Sparrow (Cambridge), Stark (UCL), Yi (Georgia Tech).

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