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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Exponential Asymptotics

January - June 1995

Organisers: MV Berry (Bristol), CJ Howls (Manchester), MD Kruskal (Rutgers), FWJ Olver (Maryland)

Topics in Asymptotic Analysis

A meeting held as part of the Exponential Asymptotics programme at the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, UK

Principal Organiser Dr Chris Howls (Manchester)

April 4th-6th 1995

Speakers will include:WGC Boyd (Bristol);J Bryce-McLeod (Pittsburgh);O Costin (Rutgers);TM Dunster (San Diego);CJ Howls (Manchester); R Paris (Abertay);VI Ritus (Lebede v Physics Institute);HJ Silverstone (Johns Hopkins);R Spigler (Padova);Wei (SISSA-ISAS)

Topics to be discussed will include:

Those who are interested in taking part in the meeting but who are not participating in the programme are welcome to attend.

For submission of talks please contact Dr Chris Howls.

For further conference details please contact Florence Leroy, tel +44-1223-335984, fax +44-1223-330508.

Deadline for submission of talks 17th March 1995,

Deadline for abstracts and participation 24th March 1995.

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