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Selection of cross-over designs in restricted circumstances

Godolphin , J (Surrey)
Thursday 14 August 2008, 16:30-17:00

Seminar Room 1, Newton Institute


Cross-over designs are used extensively in clinical trials and many other fields. Restrictions in the availability of subjects may result in a set of parameters for which there is no known optimal design. This situation arises, for example, if the subjects comprise patients with a rare medical condition. A new class of cyclic cross-over designs is proposed. Designs in the class are shown to have lower average variances for direct and carry-over pairwise treatment contrasts than cross-over designs previously described in the literature. Consideration is also given to guarding against choosing a design that can become disconnected (and therefore unusable) if a few observations are lost during the period of experimentation. The techniques are illustrated by selection of a design for a clinical trial with specific numbers of treatments and subjects.


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