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Optimal designs for one and two-colour microarrays using mixed models: a comparative evaluation of their efficiencies

Lima Passos, V (Maastricht)
Tuesday 12 August 2008, 16:30-17:00

Seminar Room 1, Newton Institute


Comparative studies between the one and two-colour microarrays provide supportive evidence for similarities of results on differential gene expression. So far, no design comparisons between the two platforms have been undertaken. With the objective of comparing optimal designs of one- and two-colour microarrays in their statistical efficiencies, techniques of design optimisation were applied within a mixed model framework. A- and D- optimal designs for the one- and two-colour platforms were sought for a 3 x 3 factorial experiment. The results suggest that the choice of the platform will not affect the subjects to groups allocation, being concordant in the two designs. However, under financial constraints, the two-colour arrays are expected to have a slight upper hand in terms of efficiency of model parameters estimates, once the price of arrays is more expensive than that of subjects. This statement is especially valid for microarray studies envisaging class comparisons.


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