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Tiers in gene expression microarray experiments

Brien, C (South Australia)
Tuesday 12 August 2008, 14:00-14:30

Seminar Room 1, Newton Institute


At least some gene expression microarray experiments are two-phased and multitiered. We compare those that are with those that are not. In particular, microarray experiments conducted on material derived from a prior experiment are, constituting a subset of experiments with a second phase in the laboratory. Recent papers have formulated the analysis of some two-phase microarray experiments using lengthy, ad hoc methods. A general method, based on tiers, will be described for synthesizing mixed models and analyses and the results compared to those already published. In this, it will be demonstrated that pseudofactors can be used to ensure that only real sources of variation are retained in the analysis. Also discussed will be how, as for two-phase experiments in general, the properties of the first-phase design shape those of the whole experiment.


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