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B1 Multi-stratum experiments

Gilmour, SG (Queen Mary, University of London)
Friday 25 July 2008, 15:30-17:30

Seminar Room 2, Newton Institute Gatehouse


This course will cover the design and analysis of split-plot, and more general multi-stratum, experiments. Applications with factors which are hard to change will motivate the general ideas. As well as standard multi-stratum structures, we will describe recent research in regular fractional factorial structures, robust product design, response surface designs and experiments with mixtures. Outline 1. Standard multi-stratum structures: randomization, blocking and strata; applications with factors which are hard to change, restrictions on randomization; model-based approaches; choice of design; combination of information. 2. Regular fractional factorial structures: fraction in top stratum; fraction in bottom stratum; graphical analyses for unreplicated designs; robust product experimentation; joint modelling of mean and dispersion; fractions in more than one stratum. 3. Irregular fractional factorial structures: multi-stratum response surface designs; experiments with mixtures; mixed models and REML/GLS analysis; other approaches to data analysis; randomized-not-reset factors.


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