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Polynomial solutions of differential-difference equations

Dominici, D (State University of New York)
Tuesday 30 June 2009, 14:30-15:00

Seminar Room 1, Newton Institute


We investigate the zeros of polynomial solutions to the differential-difference equation \[ P_{n+1}(x)=A_{n}(x)P_{n}^{\prime}(x)+B_{n}(x)P_{n}(x),~ n=0,1,\dots \] where $A_n$ and $B_n$ are polynomials of degree at most $2$ and $1$ respectively. We address the question of when the zeros are real and simple and whether the zeros of polynomials of adjacent degree are interlacing. Our result holds for general classes of polynomials but includes sequences of classical orthogonal polynomials as well as Euler-Frobenius, Bell and other polynomials.


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