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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Discrete Integrable Systems - A Follow-up Meeting

8–12 July 2013

Organisers: Rod Halburd (UCL), Frank Nijhoff (Leeds) and Reinout Quispel (La Trobe)

in association with the Newton Institute programme Discrete Integrable Systems
(19 January – 3 July 2009)

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R Boll (Technische Universität Berlin) Multi-time Lagrangian 1-forms for families of Bäcklund transformations. Toda-type systems Abstract
V Caudrelier (City University, London)  
M Kanki (University of Tokyo)  
AF Loureiro (University of Kent)  
L Peng (University of Surrey)  
E Shemyakova (State University of New York) Every Darboux transformation of arbitrary order for 2D Schrödinger operators is factorizable into transformations of order one Poster | Abstract
AD Trubatch (Montclair State University) Recurrence and Thermalization in KdV Lattices Abstract
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