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Secular chaos in the solar system

Pan, M (Princeton)
Monday 09 November 2009, 15:10-15:30



Motivated by Laskar's 2008 finding that secular interactions among the eight major solar system planets 1) cause the four inner planets to act chaotically and 2) induce much larger eccentricity/inclination variations for Mercury than for Venus, Earth, or Mars, we investigate higher-order couplings between the normal modes of the classical Laplace-Lagrange secular theory. We do this by constructing, in effect, a secular theory for these normal modes; we include long-term effects of near two-body mean-motion resonances among the outer planets. We study the effects on both the giant planets and on test particles (e.g. asteroids/Kuiper belt objects) of the resulting weak nonlinear couplings between the normal modes dominating inner- and outer-planet motions.

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