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Recent results on the interpretation of observations of protoplanetary disks

Calvet, N (Michigan)
Monday 17 August 2009, 14:40-15:00

Meeting Room 2, CMS


I will show recent results on the interpretation of SEDs and spectra of protoplanetary disks around low mass stars. I will talk about recent Spitzer/IRS observations that indicate that disks are very settled even in extremely young populations. I will then talk about Spitzer/IRAS observations showing that the inner disks get increasingly settled as the population ages in primordial disks. I will show UV observations of molecular H that indicate that the gas in the inner disk disappears when the stars stop accreting, even if some dust and probably gas is left in the outer disks. I will talk about the transitional and pre-transitional disks, that is, disks with inner clearing and gaps, and speculate that they are possible phases for the final clearing of the inner disks.

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