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Review - models of protoplanetary disks

Dominik, C (Amsterdam)
Monday 17 August 2009, 14:00-14:40

Meeting Room 2, CMS


In my talk I will address a variety of modeling approaches to protoplanetary disks. I will discuss radiative transfer models that are used to derive spectral energy distributions and address the issues related to various geometrical structures in such disks and the pitfall of modeling these with codes not appropriate for complex geometries. I will discuss the latest models of the inner boundary of protoplanetary disks near the dust evaporation zone and show that a detailed treatment of the evaporation physics leads to interesting structure, size and chemical sorting, and possibly to instabilities as a source for observational variability, both in SED features and in interferometric observations. I will also discuss the latest suite of models covering dust settling and coagulation on a global scale in disks. Hydrodynamic and magnetohyrdodynamic models are beyond the scope of this review talk.


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