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Observational evidence for grain growth

Bouwman, J (Max-Planck-Institute, Heidelberg)
Monday 17 August 2009, 11:50-12:10

Meeting Room 2, CMS


The disks in Herbig Ae/Be and T Tauri systems are believed to be the birth sites of planetary systems. These disks are known to dissipate in about 10Myr, after which giant planet formation will be terminated. In this review I will discuss observational evidence for the onset of planet formation:the growth of sub-micron sized dust grains, typical for the ISM, into mm sized dust grains. To correctly interpret these observations, comparisons to experimental and theoretical studies elucidating the processes (growth, evaporation, condensation, crystallisation, and large scale mixing) acting on dust in protoplanetary disks, are required. This review will, therefore, extensively discuss the interplay between observations and experiments/theory.

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