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Designed Experiments: Recent Advances in Methods

and Applications (DEMA 2011)

30 August - 2 September 2011

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, UK

Organisers: Stefanie Biedermann (Southampton), Steven Gilmour (Queen Mary, London), Heiko Grossmann (Queen Mary, London),

Susan Lewis (Southampton), Ben Torsney (Glasgow) and David Woods (Southampton)

in association with the Newton Institute programme Design and Analysis of Experiments
(18 July - 21 December 2011)

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Name Title Poster
Hafiz Muhammad Arshad Some new augmented Box-Behnken third order response surface designs Poster
Richard Kodzo Avuglah Some Steps towards Experimental Design for Neural Network Regression Poster
Nammam Azadi Bayesian Sequential Experimental Design for Binary Response data with Application to Electromyographic Experiments Poster
Julio Bueno Filho Small block designs for sensory analysis Poster
Sarah Carnaby Optimal and Sequential Design for Bridge Regression Poster
Marion Chatfield Designs for Variance Evaluation: Focusing on Precision of Chemical Analysis Poster
Polycarp Chigbu On Optimal Partially Replicated Rotatable and Slope Rotatable Central Composite Designs Poster
Ishapathik Das
Roberto Dorta-Guerra D-optimal designs for logistic regression models with coded variables Poster
Verity Fisher Designs for local weighted regression Poster
Miguel Fonseca Inference for the interclass correlation in familial data using small sample asymptotics Poster
Hsiang-Ling Hsu D-optimal designs for statistical inferences in simplex dispersion model Poster
Katarzyna Jozwiak Optimal treatment allocation and study duration for trials with discrete-time survival endpoints Poster
Maria Konstantinou Optimal designs for two-parameter nonlinear models with application to survival models Poster
Mikhail Malyutov Upgraded Separate Testing of Inputs in Compressive Sensing Poster
Chris Marley Constrained Optimisation through automated adaptive experimentation Poster
Kieran Martin D-optimal design of experiments for a dynamic model with correlated observations
Antony Overstall Emulating an expensive likelihood function for MCMC via sequential design Poster
Andrey Pepelyshev Optimal design for models with correlated observations Poster
Mohammad Lutfor Rahman Bayesian Analysis of Categorical Data from Multistratum Designs Poster
Maria Jesus Rivas-Lopez Partial Likelihood and Optimal Design Poster
Arvind Ruggoo
Jaya Satagopan Evaluation of removable statistical interaction Poster
Ayesha Sohail Analysis of wave dynamics in a flow cell using discrete periodic inverse scattering transform and phase field application mode Poster
Fangfang Sun A-optimal Designs for Discrete Choice Experiments
Tim Waite Designs taking into account unit variation in dose-response experiments Poster
Helen Warren Using Block Intersection Vectors to Produce Robustness Rankings for different Observation Loss Scenarios Poster
Noha Youssef Partial Maximum Entropy Sampling Criterion for Computer Experiments Poster
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