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Zonotopes and gradings on graphs

Holtz, O (UC Berkeley/Tech. Univ. Berlin)
Tuesday 24 June 2008, 15:40-16:20

Babbage, Pembroke St.


The talk is based on joint work with Amos Ron and is a continuation of an earlier talk given within this program. Given a graph G, we consider its associated (linear) matroid X, and associate X with three kinds of algebraic structures called external, central, and internal. Each algebraic structure is given in terms of a pair of homogeneous polynomial ideals in n variables that are dual to each other. Algebraically, one encodes properties of the (generic) hyperplane arrangement H(X) associated to X, while the other encodes by duality the properties of the zonotope Z(X) built from the matrix X. In particular, the Hilbert series of each of the three ideals turn out to be ultimately related to the Tutte polynomial of G, and the grading of the ideals turns out to be related to specific counting functions on subforests or on spanning trees of G. The focus of this talk is on the properties of the gradings on graphs that arise in this fashion.

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