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Zeros of Graph Polynomials

21 January to 25 January 2008

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, UK

Organisers: Professor Bill Jackson (Queen Mary, London) and Professor Alan Sokal (NYU and UCL)

in association with the Newton Institute programme Combinatorics and Statistical Mechanics (14 January to 4 July 2008)

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Accepted contributed talks:

Name Title Abstract
Alikhani, S Chromatic roots and fibonacci numbers Abstract
Bielak, H Chromatic zeros for some recursively defined families of graphs Abstract
Borcea, J Geometry of polynomials and applications Abstract
Brown, J On the zeros of independence and open set polynomials Abstract
Chang, S-C Zeros of graph-counting polynomials and their accumulation sets Abstract
Faris, WG The calculus of combinatorial constructions and Hopf algebras Abstract
Holtz, O On polynomials arising from zonotopal algebra Abstract
Janson, S Zeros of truncated binomial polynomials Abstract
Markström, K Bounds for the number of matchings in regular graphs Abstract
Morgan, K Chromatic factorisation of graphs Abstract
Sarmiento, I The topological Tutte polynomials of Bollobas and Riordan: properties and relations to other graph polynomials Abstract
Smyth, C Integer symmetric matrices with spectral radius at most 2.019 Abstract
Tanguy, C Dominant traits in the zeros of two-variate two-terminal reliability polynomials Abstract
Wagner, D Enumeration of spanning subgraphs with degree constraints Abstract
Winkler, J New methods for solving high degree polynomial equations that have multiple roots Abstract
Zahradnik, M A simple resummation method for cluster expansions Abstract

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