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Stochastic Methods in Climate Modelling

23 - 27 August 2010

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, UK

Organisers: Professor P Cox (Exeter), Dr K Horsburgh (National Oceanography Centre, Liverpool) and Dr J Rougier (Bristol)

in association with the Newton Institute programme Mathematical and Statistical Approaches to Climate Modelling and Prediction
(11 August - 22 December 2010)

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Name Title Poster
M. Crucifix Formulation of an Emulator of Climate System by Combining Classical Simulations & Statistical Techniques Poster
S. Gupta TBC
C. Herbert Present and Past Climate as states of Maximum Entropy Production Poster
VK. Jena TBC
S. Jevrejeva Statistical modelling of sea level response to the changes in climate forcing Poster
V. Livinia Potential analysis of geophysical time series Poster
V. Lucarini Thermodynamic Analysis of Snowball Earth Experiment: Efficiency, Entropy Production, Irreversibility Poster
V. Lucarini Thermodynamics of Climate Change: Generalized Sensitivities Poster
C. Sanchez Stochastic Kinetic Energy Backscatter (SKEB2). Impact on the mean climate and variability Poster
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