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Analysis and computation of a polar active liquid crystal model

Wang, Q (University of South Carolina)
Wednesday 21 August 2013, 11:00-11:30



Co-authors: Xiagang Yang (Nankai University), Xiaofeng Yang (Univesity of south Carolina), M. Greg Forest (University of North Carolina a Chapel Hill)

We will present a systematic analysis of a polar nematic liquid crystal modl developed for solutions of active liquid crystals. We will (i). identify the mode of instability for simple equilibrium states to study the near equilibrium dynamics, (ii). study spatially heterogeneous structure of the model prediction in 1-D and 2-D space, (iii). investigate the capillary instabilit associated with the free surface active liquid crystal jet. For the capillary instability, we identified not only a classical Rayleigh mode and how it is modifed by the model parameters, but also, a couple of new modes exclusively tied to the activity of the active material system. Nonlinear simulations are performed using an equivalent phase field model to confirm and linear stability result.

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