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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Dynamics of Suspensions, Gels, Cells and Tissues

24-28 June 2013

Organisers: Karsten Kruse (Saarbrücken), Len Pismen (Technion) and Alexander Leshansky (Technion)

in association with the Newton Institute programme Mathematical Modelling and Analysis of Complex Fluids and Active Media in Evolving Domains
(1 May - 23 August 2013)

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P Dharmani (Delhi Technological University)  
DF Hinz (McGill University) Self-propelled soft-core dumbbells for the simulation of living fluids Poster
R Kar (Delhi Technological University)  
P Recho (ESPCI ParisTech ) Contraction driven cell motility Poster
R Soto (Universidad de Chile) Bacteria near Surfaces: Induced Diffusion of Tracers Poster
J Stenhammar (University of Edinburgh)  
N Uchida (Tohoku University)  
A Voigt (Technische Universität Dresden)  
F Wagle (Universität Bayreuth)  
H Wioland (University of Cambridge) Confinement Stabilizes a Bacterial Suspension into a Spiral Vortex Poster
Z Xu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)  
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