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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Taking the Skies by Storm: Modelling and Simulation of Two-Phase Flow Around Solid Bodies

Presenter: Radu Cimpeanu (Imperial College London)

Co-author: Prof. Demetrios Papageorgiou (Imperial College London)


The study of thin liquid layers over solid surfaces is a well-known problem in fluid dynamics, with important implications for the aeronautics industry. There have been several attempts to model the dynamics over an airfoil with a wide range of purely analytical or asymptotic techniques. Recent advances in the numerical treatment of interfaces however give rise to a set of new applications to test and hence this problem becomes a great resource from the numerical viewpoint.

At first, we must address a simpler problem, taking into account one of the most basic two-dimensional solid body shapes, namely a cylinder. Without the addition of the liquid film, this problem has been formulated in many contexts and modelled with a certain degree of success. The presence of the liquid film however severely modifies aspects regarding separation and drag, which are the main topics of this preliminary computational study.