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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Complexity, Computation and the Physics of Information

May to August 1999

Organisers: A Albrecht (UC Davis), Peter Knight (Imperial), RM Solovay (Berkeley), W Zurek (LANL)

Programme theme

The study of information is linked to a wide range of interdisciplinary research which is defining new frontiers in physics and mathematics. Mathematical notions such as "algorithmic entropy'' (or "algorithmic complexity'') are central to the fundamental problem of constructing rigorous definitions of entropy and information, while the importance of these concepts to key physical processes (including quantum cosmology, the arrow of time, exotic quantum systems and signal transmission) attracts the attention of theoretical and experimental physicists. An exciting application is that of "quantum computation'', which defines challenging problems in mathematics, materials physics, and computer science. The programme will bring together members of all the relevant scintific communities to focus on the the physics, mathematics and applications of information and entropy.

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