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Lifshitz Holographic Renormalization from AdS

Hartong, J (University of Copenhagen)
Tuesday 29 May 2012, 12:15-13:00



Lifshitz space-times with critical exponent z=2 can obtained by dimensional reduction of Schroedinger space-times with critical exponent z=0. The latter space-times are asymptotically AdS solutions of AdS gravity coupled to an axion-dilaton system (or even just a massless scalar field). This basic observation is used to perform holographic renormalization for 4-dimensional asymptotically locally Lifshitz space-times by dimensional reduction of the corresponding problem of holographic renormalization for 5-dimensional asymptotically AdS space-times coupled to an axion-dilaton system. In this setup the 4-dimensional structure of the Lifshitz Fefferman-Graham expansion and the structure of the counterterm action, including the scale anomaly, will be discussed.


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