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An Isaac Newton Institute Workshop


6 August to 10 August 2007

Organisers: Professor Nils Hjort (Oslo), Dr Chris Holmes (Oxford), Professor Peter Müller (Texas) and Professor Stephen Walker (Canterbury)

in association with the Newton Institute programme Bayesian Nonparametric Regression: Theory, Methods and Applications (30 July to 24 August 2007)

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Contributed Talks:

Name Title Abstract
Choi, T Alternative posterior consisteency results in nonparametric binary regression using Gaussian process priors Abstract
House, L Functional data analysis using a levy random fields model for multi-spectra peak identification and classification Abstract
Kalli, M Bayesian non-parametrics and Variance regression-: Mixtures of Dirichlet processes and the slice sampler Abstract
Mukherjee, B Bayesian semiparametric analysis of gene-environment interaction under conditional gene-environment independence Abstract
Yin, G Bayesian semiparametic cure rate model with an unknown threshold Abstract
Yu, K Bayesian inference for quantile regression, expectile regression and M-quantile regression Abstract

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