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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Bayesian Nonparametric Regression: Theory, Methods and Applications

30 July-24 August 2007

List of Invited Participants

Status Name Institution Visit Dates
VF Arjas, E Email Address Home Page University of Helsinki 30 Jul - 9 Aug
VF De Blasi, P Email Address Home Page University of Turin 4 Aug - 24 Aug
VF De Iorio, M Email Address Imperial College 30 Jul - 10 Aug
VF Dunson, D Email Address Home Page Duke University 3 Aug - 23 Aug
VF Favaro, S Email Address Universita "L. Bocconi" 5 Aug - 24 Aug
VF Ghoshal, S Email Address Home Page North Carolina State University 2 Aug - 24 Aug
VF Green, P Email Address Home Page University of Bristol 30 Jul - 24 Aug
VF Griffin, J Email Address Home Page University of Warwick 30 Jul - 17 Aug
VF Hjort, N Email Address University of Oslo 30 Jul - 24 Aug
VF Hoff, PD Email Address Home Page University of Washington-Seattle 12 Aug - 25 Aug
VF Holmes, C Email Address Home Page University of Oxford 30 Jul - 24 Aug
VF Jara, A Email Address Home Page Catholic University of Leuven 6 Aug - 17 Aug
VF Kim, Y Email Address Seoul National University 31 Jul - 17 Aug
VF Kohn, R Email Address University of New South Wales 3 Aug - 12 Aug
VF Lijoi, A Email Address Home Page Universita' degli Studi di Pavia 30 Jul - 16 Aug
VF MacEachern, SN Email Address Ohio State University 31 Jul - 24 Aug
VF Martinelli, A Email Address Universita' dell'Insubria - sede di Como 5 Aug - 24 Aug
PP Mena, R Email Address Home Page IIMAS, UNAM 30 Jul - 11 Aug
VF Mueller, P Email Address Home Page University of Texas 30 Jul - 24 Aug
VF Papaspiliopoulos, O Email Address University of Warwick 31 Jul - 7 Aug
VF Pruenster, I Email Address Home Page University of Turin 30 Jul - 24 Aug
VF Quintana, FA Email Address Home Page Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile 30 Jul - 24 Aug
VF Stephens, DA Email Address Home Page McGill University 6 Aug - 12 Aug
VF Walker, SG Email Address University of Kent 30 Jul - 24 Aug
VF Williams, CKI Email Address Home Page University of Edinburgh 30 Jul - 10 Aug
  • VF = Visiting Fellow of the Institute
  • PP = Programme Participant
  • * = Visit awaiting confirmation
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