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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Mathematics of Atmosphere and Ocean Dynamics

1 July - 19 December 1996

Organisers:JCR Hunt (UK Meteorological Office), ME McIntyre (Cambridge), J Norbury (Oxford), I Roulstone (UK Meteorological Office)

Provisional Timetable: 8th-26th July

Updated: 18th June 1996

(t.b.a. = to be advised; t.b.c. = to be confirmed.)

A selection of abstracts is available in LaTeX or gzipped Postscript

Monday 8th July

11:00-12:00 JCR Hunt (UKMO)
Some Anticipated Contributions of Mathematical and Dynamical Research to Numerical Weather Prediction

1:30-3:00 AA White and T Davies (UKMO)
Atmospheric Dynamics: Overview and Introduction to Potential Vorticity Ideas

3:30-5:30 ME McIntyre (Cambridge)
Hamiltonian and Non-Hamiltonian Approaches to Balance and Potential Vorticity Inversion

Tuesday 9th July

9:30-12:00 TG Shepherd (Toronto)
Hamiltonian Structure, Symmetry-Based Metatheory, and Fast and Slow Degrees of Freedom: Recent Advances and Future Challenges

2:00-4:30 O Talagrand (LMD)
Assimilation of Meteorological and Oceanographical Observations. A Few Outstanding Problems, and Future Perspectives

Wednesday 10th July

9:30-12:00 DD Holm (Los Alamos)
Hamiltonian Geophysical Fluid Dynamics -- Wave Mean Flow Interaction in Shallow Water Dynamics

Afternoon Free

Thursday 11th July

9:30-12:00 MJP Cullen (UKMO)
New Mathematical Developments in a Lagrangian View of Weather Prediction

2:00-3:00 NK Nichols (Reading)
Data Assimilation and Control Theory

3:30-4:30 C Leith (Lawrence Livermore)
The Chaotic History of the Slow Manifold

Friday 12th July

9:30-10:30 GR Burton (Bath)
Rearrangements and Ideal Fluids

11:00-12:00 RJ Douglas (Newton Institute)
New Mathematical Tools for the Lagrangian Description of Atmospheric Dynamics

2:00-3:00 R Ford (Imperial)
Vortex-Gravity-Wave Interaction and the Limitations of "Balanced" Dynamics

Monday 15th July

9:30-12:00 MJ Sewell (Reading and UKMO)
Applications of Transformation Theory in Fluid Mechanics

2:00-3:00 GK Vallis (UCSC)
Potential Vorticity Dynamics from the Global-Scale to the Mesoscale

Tuesday 16th July

9:30-12:00 TN Palmer (ECMWF)
Singular Vectors and Predictability of the Atmosphere and Oceans from Days to Decades

2:00-4:30 PJ Morrison (Austin)
The Hamiltonian Description of the Ideal Fluid I

Wednesday 17th July

9:30-12:00 R McLachlan (Massey)
Preserving Structure in Time Integration

Afternoon Free

Thursday 18th July

9:30-10:30 t.b.a.

11:00-12:00 I Szunyogh (ELU)
Structure Preserving Truncation Strategies: Practical Implications

2:00-4:30 PJ Morrison (Austin)
The Hamiltonian Description of the Ideal Fluid II

Friday 19th July

9:30-10:30 MT Montgomery (CSU)
Vortex Rossby Waves: Kinematics and Wave-Mean-Flow Interaction

11:00-12:00 B Nicolaenko (ASU)
Operator Splitting, Global Regularity and Integrability of Rotating and Stratified 3D Euler Equations

2:00-3:00 A Mahalov (ASU)
Phase Turbulence in 3D Rotating and Stratified Geophysical Flows

Monday 22nd July

9:30-10:30 R Salmon (Scripps)

2:00-3:00 VG Bondarevsky (Minnesota) (t.b.c.)
3D Navier-Stokes Equations: Global Regularity Problem, Attractors, and Turbulence

Tuesday 23rd July

9:30-10:30 Y Brenier (Paris VI)
Mathematical Theory of Oscillatory Singular Limits in Fluid Mechanics Equations

2:00-4:30 PJ Morrison (Austin)
The Hamiltonian Description of the Ideal Fluid III

Wednesday 24th July

9:30-10:30 WH Schubert (CSU)
Semi-Geostrophic Theory on the f-plane, -plane, and Sphere

Afternoon Free

Thursday 25th July

9:30-10:30 Y Brenier (Paris VI)
Some Aspects of the Geometric Description of Ideal Incompressible Fluids

11:00-12:00 T Ratiu (UCSC)
Euler Equations in Thin Domains

2:00-4:30 PJ Morrison (Austin)
The Hamiltonian Description of the Ideal Fluid IV

Friday 26th July


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