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Development of a Nonhydrostatic Unified Atmospheric Model (NUMA) on Multi-Core and Many-core Computer Architectures

Francis X. Giraldo, ; James F. Kelly, ; Shiva Gopalakrishnan, ; Michal Kopera, ; Lester Carr III, (Naval Postgraduate School)
Tuesday 23 October 2012, 14:15-14:40



We have been developing a nonhydrostatic atmospheric model based on the fully compressible Euler equations for applications in both local and global atmospheric modeling. This new model, NUMA, has been designed to be unified in terms of: the class of problems that it can solve (i.e., local and global modeling); the class of numerical methods that it uses in space (i.e., continuous AND discontinuous Galerkin methods); the class of time-integrators that it can use (i.e., Implicit-Explicit methods using multi-step and multi-stage methods); the types of iterative solvers and preconditioners that it contains (an entire suite of methods such as GMRES, BiCGStab, Chebyshev, etc.); and the types of computer architectures that it is targeted for (e.g., multi-core and many-core/heterogeneous computing). In this presentation, we shall touch on all the highlights listed above and describe the current status of the model especially focusing on the performance of this new model.


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