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Representation Theory and Lie Theory

22 June to 26 June 2009

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, UK

Organisers: M Geck (University of Aberdeen), A Kleshchev (University of Oregon) and G Röhrle (Ruhr-Universität Bochum).

in association with the Newton Institute programme Algebraic Lie Theory (12 January to 26 June 2009)

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Accepted Posters:

Name Title Abstract Poster
Bellamy, G Symplectic resolutions via the representation theory of rational Cherednik algebras Abstract
Gateva-Ivanova, T Quantum spaces associated to multipermutation solutions of level two Abstract
Kenneally, D On the existence of regular orbits in actions of algebraic groups Abstract
Kisil, VV The orbit method and semisimple Lie groups Abstract
Loktev, S Weyl modules over multivariable currents Abstract
Musson, IM Combinatorics of character formulas for the Lie superalgebra $\fgl(m,n).$ Abstract
Shchigolev, V Higher level modular branching problem for general linear group Abstract
Sniatycki, J Geometric quantization, reduction and decomposition of group representations Abstract

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