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Sir Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Preprints 1997

The three-letter code attached to the preprint number indicates the scientific programme during which the paper was written. Click on the code to see the programme details.

Preprint No. Author(s) Title and publication details
NI97001-RAG J Du, L Scott The q-Schur2 algebra 
NI97002-RAG M Geck Character sheaves and generalized Gelfand-Graev characters
NI97003-RAG R Dipper, G James, R Mathas Cyclotomic q-Schur algebras
NI97004-RAG CW Curtis, K-i Shinoda Unitary Kloosterman sums and Gelfand-Graev representations of GL2
NI97005-NQF CM Hull Actions for (2,1) sigma models and strings
Nucl.Phys. B509 (1998) 252-272
NI97006-NQF A Sen F-theory and the Gimon-Polchinsky orientifold 
NI97007-AOD J Vanneste  A nonlinear critical layer generated by the interaction of free Rossby waves 
NI97008-NQF P Hasenfratz, F Niedermeyer Fixed-point actions in 1-loop perturbation theory 
NI97009-AOD J Vanneste  Strong echo effect and nonlinear transient growth in shear flows
NI97010-RAG N Gordeev Freedom in conjugacy classes
NI97011-AOD K Ngan, TG Shepherd Comments on some recent measurements of anomalously steep N2O and O3 tracer spectra in the stratospheric surf zone 
NI97012-AOD S Ren , TG Shepherd  Lateral boundary contributions to wave-activity invariants and nonlinear stability theorems for balanced dynamics 
NI97013-NQF  A Sen  Orientifold limit of F-theory vacua
NI97014-NQF  A Kondratiev, VI Tofimov Vertex stabilizers of finite symmetric graphs and a strong version of the Sims conjecture
NI97015-NQF JP Gauntlett, GW Gibbons, G Papadopoulos Hyper-Kähler manifolds and intersecting branes 
NI97016-NQF RW Gebert, H Nicolai On the imaginary simple roots of the Borcherds algebra ${{\frak g}_{\it II}}_{9,1}$
NI97017-NQF A Sen, S Sethi  The mirror transform of type I vacua in six dimensions
NI97018-NQF I Halperin, A Zhitnitsky Polarized intrinsic charm as a possible solution to the proton spin problem
NI97019-NQF N Dorey, VV Khoze, MP Mattis Instantons, three-dimensional gauge theory and the Atiyah-Hitchin manifold
NI97020-NQF N Dorey, VV Khoze, MP Mattis et al Multi-instantons, three-dimensional gauge theory, and the Gauss-Bonnet-Chern theorem
NI97021-NQF JM Figueroa-O'Farrill, C Köhl, B Spence Supersymmmetry and the cohomology of (hyper) Kähler manifolds
NI97022-NQF JP Gauntlett  Duality and supersymmetric monopoles
NI97023-NQF JP Gauntlett Intersecting branes
NI97024-RAG J Rickard  Triangulated categories in the modular representation theory of finite groups
NI97025-NQF P van Baal  Intermediate volumes and the role of instantons
NI97026-NQF CJ Houghton, NS Manton, PM Sutcliffe  Rational maps, monopoles and skyrmions 
NI97027-NQF E Sezgin, PS Howe, P West Aspects of superembeddings
NI97028-NQF CM Hull Gravitational duality, branes and charges
NI97029-NQF M Abou Zeid, CM Hull  Intrinsic geometry of D-branes
NI97030-NQF CP Bachas, MR Douglas, MB Green  Anomalous creation of branes
NI97031-RAG M Broué, G Malle, J Michel Complex reflection groups, braid groups, Hecke algebras
NI97032-NQF D Zwanziger Renormalization in the Coulomb gauge and order parameter for confinement in QCD
NI97033-NQF E Shuryak, A Zhitnisky The gluon/charm content of the $\eta'$ meson and instantons
NI97034-NQF Gaillard MK, Zumino B Self-duality in nonlinear electromagnetism 
NI97035-RAG  K Magaard, G Malle Irreducibility of alternating and symmetric squares 
NI97036-STA N Linden, S Popescu On multi-particle entanglement
NI97037-NNM M Studeny, RR Bouckaert  On chain graph models for description of conditional independence structures
NI97038-RAG M Geck, G Malle  On special pieces in the unipotent variety
NI97039-NNM SP Luttrell A unified theory of density models and auto-encoders
NI97040-NNM CKI Williams, D Barber Bayesian classification with Gaussian processes
NI97041-NNM TS Richardson  Chain graphs and symmetric associations 
NI97042-NNM A Roverato, J Whittaker An importance sampler for graphical Gaussian mode inference
NI97043-DQC MR Haggerty, JB Delos Extracting classical trajectories from atomic spectra
NI97044-DQC S Zelditch Level spacings for quantum maps in genus zero
NI97045-DQC U Smilansky Semiclassical quantization of maps and spectral correlations 
NI97046-DQC IY Goldscheid, BA Khoruzhenko Distribution of Eigenvalues in non-Hermitian Anderson models
NI97047-DQC GG Casati, G Maspero, DL Shepelyansky  Quantum fractal Eigenstates 

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