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Sir Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Preprints 2013

The three-letter code attached to the preprint number indicates the scientific programme during which the paper was written. Click on the code to see the programme details.

Preprint No. Author(s) Title and publication details
NI13001-TOD GV Levina Helical organization of tropical cyclones
NI13002-DAE P Goos and SG Gilmour Testing for Lack of Fit in Blocked and Split-Plot Response Surface Designs
NI13003-AMM M Ainsworth Dispersive behaviour of high order finite element schemes for the one-way wave equation
NI13004-SAS AG Melnikov and A Nies The classification problem for compact computable metric spaces
NI13005-SAS M Lauria, P Pudlák, V Rödl and N Thapen The complexity of proving that a graph is Ramsey
NI13006-GDO I Gálvez-Carrillo, L Lombardi and A Tonks An A$_\infty$ operad in spineless cacti
NI13007-NPA LO Müller and EF Toro A global multi-scale mathematical model for the human circulation with emphasis on the venous system
NI13008-INV J Eckhardt, F Gesztesy, R Nichols and G Teschl Weyl-Titchmarsh Theory for Sturm-Liouville operators with distributional coefficients
NI13009-GDO J Goodman and U Krähmer Untwisting a twisted Calabi-Yau algebra
NI13010-INI JF Toland Energy-minimising parallel flows with prescribed vorticity distribution
NI13011-INI JF Toland Non-existence of global energy-minimisers in Stokes wave problems
NI13012-SAS M Garlík Ajtai's completeness theorem for nonstandard finite structures
NI13013-MLC P Bauman, D Phillips and J Park Existence of solutions to boundary value problems for smectic liquid crystals
NI13014-GDO V Dotsenko, S Shadrin and B Vallette Givental action is homotopy gauge symmetry
NI13015-MLC M Arroyo and A De Simone Shape control of active surfaces inspired by the movement of euglenids
NI13016-TOD RV Buniy and TW Kephart Generalized helicity and Beltrami fields
NI13017-MLC I Busjatskaya and M Monastyrsky Immortality of platonic solids
NI13018-DAE RA Bailey and P Druilhet Optimal cross-over designs for full interaction models
NI13019-POP JB Lasserre Tractable approximations of sets defined with quantifiers
NI13020-CFM C Beaume, H-C Kao, E Knobloch and A Bergeon Localized rotating convection with no-slip boundary conditions
NI13021-TOD R Kerner Discrete groups and internal symmetries of icosahedral viral capsids
NI13022-MLC M Leoni and TB Liverpool Synchronisation and liquid crystalline order in soft active fluids
NI13023-MLC G Dhont and B Zhilinskií The action of the orthogonal group on planar vectors: invariants, covariants, and syzygies
NI13024-CFM HO Jacobs, TS Ratiu and M Desbrun On the coupling between an ideal fluid and immersed particles
NI13025-GDO J Giansiracusa and N Giansiracusa Equations of tropical varieties
NI13026-POP M Kocvara On robustness criteria and robust topology optimization with uncertain loads
NI13027-MLC VL Golo, EI Kats, AA Sevenyuk and DO Sinitsyn Twisted quasiperiodic textures of biaxial nematics
NI13028-CFM C Paterson, SK Wilson and BR Duffy Strongly coupled interaction between a ridge of fluid and an external airflow
NI13030-CFM D Tseluiko, M Galvagno and U Thiele Heteroclinic snaking near a heteroclinic chain in dragged meniscus problems
NI13031-CFM U Thiele Patterned deposition at moving contact lines
NI13032-CFM U Thiele, DV Todorova and H Lopez Gradient dynamics description for films of mixtures and suspensions - the case of dewetting triggered by coupled film height and concentration fluctuations
NI13033-POP IM Bomze Copositivity for second-order optimality conditions in general smooth optimization problems
NI13034-CFM F Gay-Balmaz, TS Ratiu and C Tronci Equivalent theories of liquid crystal dynamics
NI13035-CFM AM Rubio, K Julien, E Knobloch and JB Weiss Upscale energy transfer in three-dimensional rapidly rotating turbulent convection
NI13036-CFM F Gay-Balmaz, DD Holm and TS Ratiu Integrable G-Strands on semisimple Lie groups
NI13037-DAE W Wang, R-B Chen, C-C Huang and WK Wong Particle swarm optimization techniques for finding optimal mixture designs
NI13038-DAE J Qiu, R-B Chen, W Wang and WK Wong Using animal instincts to design efficient biomedical studies
NI13039-DAE R-B Chen, S-P Chang, W Wang, H-C Tung and WK Wong Optimal Minimax Designs via Particle Swarm Optimization Methods
NI13040-DAE H-Q Li, M-L Tang and W-K Wong Confidence intervals for ratio of two Poisson rates using the method of variance estimates recovery
NI13041-DAE BPM Duarte and WK Wong A Semidefinite Programming based approach for finding Bayesian optimal designs for nonlinear models
NI13042-CFM BR Duffy, D Pritchard and SK Wilson The shear-driven Rayleigh problem for generalised Newtonian fluids
NI13043-MLC CL Kane and TC Lubensky Topological Boundary Modes in Isostatic Lattices
NI13044-GDO C Castańo Bernard and TM Gendron Modular invariant of quantum tori
NI13045-CFM G Grün On convergent schemes for diffuse interface models for two-phase flow of incompressible fluids with general mass densities
NI13046-SRO GR Barrenechea, L Boulton and N Boussai Eigenvalue enclosures and applications to the Maxwell operator
NI13047-POP JA De Loera, J Lee, S Margulies and J Miller Weak orientability of matroids and polynomial equations
NI13048-MLC M Trcek, G Cordoyiannis, V Tzitzios, S Kralj and G Nounesis et al Nanoparticle-induced twist-grain boundary phase
NI13049-AMM PS Peixoto and SRM Barros On vector field reconstructions for semi-Lagrangian transport methods on geodesic staggered grids
NI13050-HOL M Blake, D Tong and D Vegh Holographic lattices give the graviton a mass
NI13051-HOL A Buchel and DA Galante Cascading gauge theory on $\it dS_4$ and String Theory Landscape
NI13052-HOL K Kontoudi and G Policastro Flavor corrections to the entanglement entropy
NI13053-CFM D Pritchard, BR Duffy and SK Wilson Shallow flows of generalised Newtonian fluids on an inclined plane
NI13054-TOD J Cantarella and C Shonkwiler The symplectic geometry of closed equilateral random walks in 3-Space
NI13055-MLC A Ranjkesh, M Ambrozic, S Kralj and TJ Sluckin Computational studies of history-dependence in nematic liquid crystals in random environments
NI13056-POP J Fiala, M Kocvara and M Stingl PENLAB: A MATLAB solver for nonlinear semidefinite optimization
NI13057-MFE V Lucarini, R Blender, S Pascale, J Wouters and C Herbert Mathematical and physical ideas for climate science
NI13058-TOD Y Kimura and HK Moffatt Reconnection of skewed vortices
NI13059-MFE C Beck Possible resonance effect of axionic dark matter in S/N/S Josephson junctions
NI13060-MFE V Lucarini, D Faranda, J Wouters and T Kuna Towards a general theory of extremes for observables of chaotic dynamical systems
NI13061-MFE N Glatt-Holtz, V Šverák and V Vicol On inviscid limits for the stochastic Navier-Stokes equations and related models
NI13062-MFE J Földes, N Glatt-Holtz, G Richards and E Thomann Ergodic and mixing properties of the Boussinesq equations with a degenerate random forcing
NI13063-POP IM Bomze and ML Overton Narrowing the difficulty gap for the Celis-Dennis-Tapia problem
NI13064-POP IM Bomze Copositive relaxation beats Lagrangian dual bounds in quadratically and linearly constrained QPs
NI13065-MFE V Lucarini and S Pascale Entropy production and coarse graining of the climate fields in a general circulation model
NI13066-POP M Fampa, J Lee and W Melo On global optimization with indefinite quadratics
NI13067-HOL T Andrade, S Fischetti, D Marolf, SF Ross and M Rozali Entanglement and Correlations near Extremality: CFTs dual to Reissner-Nordström AdS$_5$
NI13068-MQI V Giovannetti, AS Holevo and R García-Patrón A solution of the Gaussian optimizer conjecture
NI13069-POP J Gouveia, PA Parrilo and RR Thomas Approximate cone factorizations and lifts of polytopes

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